Tuesday, 1 April 2008


I guess now is the time to update my blog!

We arrived in Newark on Saturday afternoon, after leaving home early in the morning, UK time. We got to Birmingham airport at around 5am and caught the plane to Amsterdam. We left Amsterdam at 9.30 am UK time and the journey was good! I watched Batman and Robin and half of Cars on the in flight entertainment. I fell asleep and didn't give myself enough time to watch it all, sadly.

We spent our first night at Hilton Newark Airport hotel - it was really nice there and dinner and breakfast were excellent too. On Sunday, after breakfast, we went and picked up our car and drove south along the New Jersey Turnpike towards Washington DC. It was a journey of about 240 miles and would have taken a little over 4 hours except we stopped on the way for a coffee and a cake! We drove past Baltimore (good morning Baltimore!) and then on to where we were staying just outside DC. After checking in, we caught the metro into DC and spent the rest of the afternoon looking at the sights - The White House, Lincoln's memorial etc.

Monday 31st April, we went to IHOP for breakfast and then went back into DC to the Smithsonian museum - we looked around the Air and Space museum which was fantastic. You could spend days in that museum alone. We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and then wandered around the mall near the metro station. Then it was back to our hotel to pack ready for tomorrow - we will be off to Harper's Ferry!


JUD said...

Hi Bren! Frank!

Welcome to the USA! Enjoy the sights and have fun!



Anonymous said...

'Monday 31st April, we went to IHOP' erhm, a typo? [CA]

Bren said...

No - not a typo! It is the International House of Pancakes! Delicious

Anonymous said...

How was IHOP??? Was it as good as the one's in Florida, or was it like the one I had in Indiana (even thought you don't know what that was like, because you weren't there...oh well)?
I drove home from the airport hehe...had to get that in somewhere.
Oh, and Avenue Q is so good, everyone should see it. I thought I'd reply to a previous update as well!
Hope you're both having fun and not missing me too much!