Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Scrapping challenge

I have signed up for a 16 week challenge - hopefully this will help me to create some layouts. We are given two words which are opposites and we have to create a layout using these words.

The first set of words were: Awake and Asleep.

I chose pictures of Willow taken in January 2007!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Saturday 19th April

We got our connecting flight from Amsterdam without a hitch and arrived in Birmingham on time. We waited for our luggage and 3 of the bags arrived ok but there was no sign of the fourth. Apparently they left it in Amsterdam by mistake.

We had to go and fill in forms about this piece of luggage before we could go and finish our journey home. Lizzie was waiting in the arrivals lounge for us and we then drove home.

Next day the missing suitcase was delivered to our door. I cannot complain about the service as they were very prompt. And with the amount of luggage each airport deals with, I guess it is no surprise that a few bits and pieces get left behind!