Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Tuesday 8th April 2008

Breakfast and then we started our journey back towards Purdue. One stop on the way for a drink and a break and then we headed into Lafayette for a very unhealthy snack of a Krispy Kreme donut for lunch!

We parked near to the hotel and dropped off our luggage. Katie then took us to the bank to cash some travellers cheques and she called in to get a smoothie from one of the uni cafes. We took a look in the university bookshop which sells lots of Purdue stuff and then I went back to the hotel to do some washing, while Frank took Katie back to her 'apartment'!. I had just put the stuff in the machine when the electricity went off. It was off for about an hour so when Frank and Katie returned to collect me (we were eating in one of the Uni food halls and meeting her friends at 6.30), the stuff was still in the dryer.

We met her friends in the food court and Katie showed us all the stuff that we could have. Frank chose chicken and I chose a stirfry. It was a very nice meal but I can understand how they get fed up with it after several weeks.

We returned to the hotel, took the washing out of the dryer, booked a hotel for Chicago and then collected Katie again and we went to an Irish pub - the Nine Irish Brothers. Katie and I both had Strongbow Cider (English!) and Frank had Murphys (Irish). It was a very pleasant evening and the bar was lovely. There was Irish dancing when we arrived and the atmosphere was good!

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