Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Monday 7th April 2008

Today we wanted to visit Frank's aunt and uncle! We called them again before we left the hotel but sadly there was still no answer! We decided to drive across to where they lived just in case we could find them in as our hotel was only a few miles from where they live. We pulled up outside the house and Frank tried knocking but there was no answer. Katie went to see if they were on the deck in the back but they weren't! We knew we had the right house though, as there was a picture of a shamrock in the window!

We were about to pull away when a car came around the corner, and I recognised Johnny from photos I have seen of him. We waited till they had put the car away and knocked again. As you can imagine, Nuala was shocked to see her nephew from England! They were so welcoming! They had been on vacation and had just arrived back from a week in Houston, Texas. We were given tea and cake and it was really lovely to finally get to meet them. Frank has seen them before but neither Katie nor I had ever met them before.

Nuala is so like her sister!

We left Detroit and our overnight stop was to be Kalamazoo. We stopped off at the Kalamazoo Nature park and took a walk in the woods there, down to the Kalamazoo river. As it is just the very beginning of spring most things were still showing no signs of life! It will be very pretty there in a few months time. They cater for lots of birds and wildlife of all sorts there.

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