Friday, 4 April 2008

Thursday 3rd April 2008

We stayed in the Holiday Inn last night, in Johnson City! We were given a nice non-smoking room except it smelt horribly of cigarette smoke! The lady on reception moved us to another room, which was even better, and didn't smell! And she gave us a complimentary breakfast each. However, the extractor fan in the bathroom didn't switch off so it kept me awake most of the night so I was not a happy bunny this morning!

We had our free breakfast (very nice thank you) and then drove to Davy Crockett's birthplace. The State park that it is in is fantastic! A wonderful place for families with young children to have lots of fun. We were just leaving and it started to pour with rain. And I mean pour! We set off towards Kentucky on our 4 hour journey. We stopped for coffee at Wendy's and then about an hour and a half from our destination, we stopped for a meal and tried Cracker Barrel! Very nice it was too!

We arrived at the University Inn Motel in Lexington at around 6pm. It is next to the University of Kentucky and what a hotel! It is really lovely and very reasonably priced. We then went to Walmart to find some fruit to eat as that seems rather lacking in our travels. Sadly no fruit or vegetables in Walmart but some very nice jeans and teeshirts which I had to buy! And Frank bought some too. We then went to Krogers to get the fruit we wanted and are now going to relax and eat it, have some coffee and watch a bit of TV before hitting the sack. Last leg on our journey to see Katie tomorrow! It will seem strange to be with her again after about 8 months without her!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I wonder what I would have done. Having complained once it would be difficult to do so again. It sounds like a crummy hotel anyway. [Tenon]