Saturday, 12 April 2008

Friday 11th April 2008

Not much to say about today really!

We woke up to a lovely sunny day (typical!) and thought about going into Chicago again for a couple of hours. We decided against this though, as we would rather wait till we can get back here sometime for a longer visit.

Instead we went shopping! We went to Archivers and Jo-Anns - both scrapbooking shops for those who don't know! I had a voucher Sue had sent me but even so, I was very restrained and didn't spend much at all. We also found a shoe shop that had some shoes I liked.

We started driving towards our next stop - a place called Sandusky in Ohio. We stopped for lunch in Michigan City and visited the outlet shopping centre and found some jeans for Frank. I think we are done shopping now!

The rest of the journey was a mixture of sunshine and torrential rain. We finally got to our hotel around 8pm and for the first time this trip, tried out the pool.

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JUD said...

Hi Bren!

I am pleased! You and Frank are doing a good job of "Seeing the USA" even if not in a Chevrolet! (old ad campaign), AND spending money! Thanks for helping out! LOLOL!