Monday, 14 April 2008

Saturday 12th April 2008

We arrived at Niagara Falls at midday! The first thing you see is the American Rapids and you can hear the roar of the water as you approach. We walked to the visitors centre and onto the observation platform to view the American Falls before taking the trolley ride to Goat Island to get a closer view of both the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. Left is Frank by the American Rapids, Right are the American Falls.

We took the lift (elevator!) down to see the falls from below. There is a pedestrian walkway that they build during April, ready for when the season begins in May, but as yet the construction has not been started due to the thickness of the snow. They are spraying it with warm water to try to melt it! And sadly the boat 'Maid of the Mist' doesn't start running until May either.

We then went to see the Horseshoe falls. This too was closed due to the thick snow - normally you can get quite close to the falls but it is fenced off now for safety reasons. It is good to see that normally you could get quite close - this would not be allowed in England now due to the ridiculous laws regarding Health and Safely. They would have to build an eight foot fence or something silly!

By the time we had seen most of what was open it was dinner time and for the first time we ate in Hard Rock Cafe. The prices we find prohibitive in UK but here they are dollars for pounds. We were very impressed with the meal and the surroundings. It was news to us to find that it originated in Britain!

After our meal we decided to take a walk into Canada. There is a footbridge across from USA to Canada and Frank took a photo of me at the border marker on the bridge! (see pic on right!) At the Canadian border we got our passports checked and stamped and we went to see the Falls from the Canadian side. They are much more impressive to look at from Canada as you can see all 3 of the falls at the same time. The gardens are well kept there too but glancing up the street away from the Falls, it looked like you were in Blackpool! We went to a souvenir shop before making our way back into USA. Crossing back into the US cost us 50c each and again we needed our passports checked.

By now it was getting dark and we went to look at the American Rapids when they are lit. We also took a walk onto Goat Island before going to find our hotel.

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