Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Tuesday 15th April 2008

We took the car back to the rental place and then caught the airbus to Newark Airport. From there we got the NJ Transit for one stop ($7.75 each!!!!) and then finally got onto the PATH train to the World Trade Centre. We were on this train for about 20 minutes and it only cost $1.75 each!!

We walked along the banks of the Hudson River as far as where you get the boat to Liberty and Ellis Island. We queued for over an hour before catching the ferry! We had to have our bags scanned and the scanner picked up a letter opener (like a knife) in an envelope that I had ready for posting. Eventually they let us through after someone behind us had something in their bag that concerned them.

We decided not to get off at Liberty Island as we only had 2 hours till Ellis Island closed.

We took the guided tour around the Immigration Station and learnt that until 6 years ago New York State and New Jersey State were fighting over who it belonged to. As the original Ellis Island belonged to NY they now own the actual building but NJ own the surrounding land. NY are now arguing about this as the dirt used to extend the island came from NY subways so they claim it is theirs!
The chandelier on the left is an original from the building (1892) and is by Tiffany. When they refurbished it in the 1980s they only had to replace 17 of the ceiling tiles and none of the chandeliers. This is from the registry room.

Returning on the ferry gave us some wonderful views of NYC!

After eating in a restaurant called SouthWest NY we headed home to our hotel.

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