Saturday, 21 February 2009

Half Term

Wednesday Frank and I went to London for the day. We caught the train from Northampton as it is cheaper than from Wellingborough, but there had been a broken down train a little earlier and all those passengers were on the train we caught. We were like sardines and couldn't fall over when the train swayed as there wasn't room! We got to London around 11 am and went to Leicester Square tube station to buy some tickets for a show that evening. We decided on The Jersey Boys. Frank and I went for a coffee and then headed over towards London Bridge as we had decided to visit a museum about the second world war. Next trip to London will find us visiting the Cabinet War Rooms I think.

We lunched before visiting the museum and then spent a couple of hours looking around the exhibits. This included an Anderson Shelter that you could sit in, lots of war time memorabilia and a mock up of a town caught in the blitz.

We then wandered over towards Trafalgar Square and stopped off in Ed's for a drink. I had one of their delicious malts and Frank had a Root Beer. We met up with Katie, who had been to an interview at UCL and then went to Pizza Express before the show started. The show was excellent and we all enjoyed it. We caught the 11 pm train and arrived home about 12.45am. Poor Katie's train didn't get into Bath until gone 1am so she was very late home.

Thursday was a trip to Manchester. Frank had a meeting there and while he was in his meeting, I wandered around the Trafford Centre. We then headed to Liverpool and met up with Lizzie. We took her to Wagamamas for dinner and then drove home. We got in about 11pm. It was good seeing both girls again.

New scrapbook pages

It is ages since I blogged but I have managed to complete some more scrapbook pages of our US vacation. In fact I have finished one album. The trouble is by the end of this first album I have managed to scrap 30 pages and only 3 days of our 3 week holiday. I think I may need several albums if I carry on at this rate.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Days 19 and 20

All I managed to do today was these two pages. I don't know why it takes me so long.

The Santa page took a while as I had to find photos of when Katie and Lizzie were little and visiting Santa in Milton Keynes. They were so cute and I wish they were little like that again.

'In the Post' should have been quick as it doesn't have very much on the page, but it wasn't!

Tomorrow I have to go back to work so it will take me ages to finish this album I think!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

JYC pages 15, 16, 17 and 18

I managed to complete pages 15, 16 and 17 before Christmas and had page 18 ready for the photo of our Christmas dinner. I didn't get much access to the computer over the holiday period and had even less access to my scrapbooking things so this is my first real chance to update things.

Here are the next four completed pages for my journal. Tomorrow I plan to complete a few more! Watch this space.

Page 15 is 'Visitors' in which I talk about the family Christmases that we have had and the slightly smaller one we were going to have this year.

Page 16 is basically just a list of things that I am grateful for. Now Frank may face redundancy I think I should have put that I was grateful for us both being employed!

Page 17 is a short entry about presents and Page 18 is a discussion about Christmas food. I have included a photograph of the 2008 Christmas lunch which was indeed duck! And delicious it was too.