Friday, 11 January 2008

New Year

So much time seems to have passed since my last post! I don't seem to have any inclination to write on here and I don't really have anything much of interest to say!

Frank, Lizzie and I went to Wales for Christmas - we hired a little cottage and spent most of the week playing board games together. It is amazing how much fun you can have when there is no computer distracting us all. Lizzie then flew out to New York to meet up with Katie and her friends. They celebrated New Year's Eve in Times Square and so Katie got to turn 21 in a fabulous location. Katie and Lizzie went to see Rent on Broadway and both enjoyed it. Lizzie is now half way through her holiday in America!

Our New Year was spent quietly here at home. We had one guest and we had a lot of laughs playing on the Wii. It was good to catch up with a friend from the past and has spurred me into contacting lots of people that we have lost touch with over the years.

Last Saturday I went to Birmingham to meet up with some old school friends as one of them lives in Israel and only gets across once a year or so. It was good to catch up with them all but was weird to find that out of 7 of us, I was the only one still married!

College is now well under way and we have lots of new students. Mainly Vietnamese it would seem but as usual, they are all lovely. Only 5 more weeks till half term and only 13 more teaching weeks until the AS exams start! How scary is that?