Thursday, 3 April 2008

Tuesday April 1st 2008

Despite the date on the blog site, this post was added on Wednesday 2nd April at around 9.15pm. The computer is on UK time, which is currently 2.15am!

On Tuesday 1st April we left our hotel and headed towards Harpers Ferry - there had been an accident on the freeway so we stopped at a Starbucks for a doughnut and a coffee and watched for the traffic to start moving a little more freely. It was just before 11am when we arrived at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, and what a fantastic place that is (Thank you so much JUD!).

It is such an interesting place with so much history there and so pretty too. We spent about an hour and half there (we could have spent much more but had a long way to drive) and then set off for the Blue Ridge Mountains. The weather, which had started off horrible got better as the day progressed and it was a beautiful day by the time we got to the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We drove the 85 miles through the parkway to our hotel. We stopped numerous times to take photos of the views and to take little walks and got to our hotel - The Peaks of Otter - at about 6.30pm. We went to the restaurant for dinner, which like our room, overlooked the lakes and the mountains. Unfortunately the lake had been drained but that didn't really detract from the view.

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Queen Karana said...

I was just browsing blogs and came across yours. Your post about Harpers Ferry and the Blue Ridge Parkway made me homesick! We used to live in Leesburg, VA which is basically across the Potomac from Harpers Ferry. We also lived in Harrisonburg, Virginia which lies at the bottom (of a portion) of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Beautiful pictures!