Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Monday's Fast

Followed the same routine as for the previous Fasts - breakfast of porridge and blueberries but not till as late in the day as possible.  Because of teaching from 12.30 till 1.15, that meant I first ate at 1.20.  I was hungry but certainly not ravenous.  And then when I got in from work I had beans on toast before going to my tap lesson.  Apart from black tea throughout the day, that was all I ate.

I now have an extra incentive to lose weight as I was given an MOT at the doctors which included a cholesterol level test - and I got a letter yesterday to tell me I needed to go on a low fat diet as it was 6.6!  They then want me to get tested again in 6 months.  What I plan to do is to stick to this IF for 3 months and see how the weight loss is and then go and ask if I can be tested again.  If there is no change then I will have to do low fat all the while but if it has gone down then IF will be the way forward ...

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