Thursday, 14 February 2013

Intermittent Fasting Diet

Watch this space!

I bought Michael Mosley's book about the Fast Diet as a Kindle Daily Deal as I was interested in giving it a go.  It certainly makes interesting reading and when I have finished reading the book I will definitely make a start.

Now I know that sounds like I'm putting it off, but only for good reasons.  You need to choose 2 days a week for fasting and you fit them in around your lifestyle.  As Frank and I are off to Bristol today (just for one night) and then it's weekend with Lizzie coming home, it makes sense to start it after that.  And Monday is my Tap Dancing evening so I don't want to fast for the first time on a day when I will need more energy.  So - Tuesday is going to be my first fasting day and I think Tuesdays and Fridays will be fasting days that fit nicely into my week.

I've taken all the measurements I need so that I can track my progress, and I'll post what they are on Tuesday.  I will aim to write about how I feel and how hard or easy it is to do and take it from there.  If the health benefits mentioned in the book are right, then not only will my BMI and weight reduce, but my likelihood of developing diabetes (which in my case is quite likely as both my father and grandfather were sufferers) will also decrease which will be fantastic.

Until Tuesday!

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