Saturday, 23 February 2013

Second Fast Day

It's now Saturday, and yesterday was another fast day.  To be honest, this one was easier than Monday's and I didn't find that particularly hard.

I don't go into work on Fridays so got up a little later than I do on a work day and set about marking the mock exam papers that I had brought home with me.  I drank plenty of green and black tea during the day, and had my porridge and blueberries for lunch at 1.30pm.  That was the first meal since Thursday night and it was quite easy to go that long without eating.  In the evening Frank and I had a two egg omelette, with mushrooms and a huge salad.  I had enough calories left over for a skinny latte.  I wasn't at all hungry when I went to bed and even this morning wasn't overly hungry.

I weighed myself his morning and seem to have lost about 2lb which is excellent - specially considering that the rest of the week was a perfectly normal diet, including a meal out on Wednesday - starter of melted brie with breads; steak, chips and onion rings for main; carrot cake and ginger ice cream for pudding.  So - as you can see, not a diet meal in site during the week.

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