Thursday, 19 July 2007


We have been back from our weeks holiday in Croatia almost two weeks now! It was really quiet and relaxing with beautiful weather. We stayed on a small island (one of the Elafiti islands) called Sipan and our hotel was a converted olive oil factory.

Hotel Sipan

The population of the village we were in was 300 and that is the most populated of the villages on any of the islands. Cars are allowed on Sipan and there is a car ferry that goes from Dubrovnik to Sudarad (village on the other side of the island) each day. Lots of people use wheelbarrows to carry stuff, so if you get off the ferry with luggage and you are being met by someone from your hotel, they will meet you with a wheelbarrow!

We went into Dubrovnik one day and walked to the old town (one hour walk, up hill and then down again in hot sun at about midday - foolish or what??) but it was well worth it. We went down this little alley lined with shops and then at the bottom we entered this huge courtyard which was spectacular.

We could have spent much longer there but needed to get back to the ferry as they only run a couple of times a day!

There was no swimming pool at the hotel but the Adriatic sea was literally a few metres from the front door of the hotel and it was crystal clear, so swimming in it was not a problem.

Here are some other photos of our holiday!

These are views from our bedroom window. It is looking over the harbour and you can see how green and undeveloped the island is.

And here is a picture of my husband, Frank. He is sitting on the hotel terrace, reading a book and waiting for his beer to arrive. There was no problem with the sun as the terrace is covered with plants which offer natural shading.

And here is a picture of one of the old buildings in the village. We think it was an old chapel as there are pews and evidence of an alter there, but it may well be used as the schoolroom now.

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Fiona said...

Looks beautiful - what a wonderful place for a holiday