Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sunday 8th June 2008 - Tall Ship day

For Frank's birthday last year the three of us bought him a day on a tall ship. And Sunday was the day he chose to go.

Lizzie was already in Southampton as she had been visiting her grandmother and little cousins down there so Frank and I drove down on Saturday to join her. Sunday morning the three of us went to Portsmouth so that Frank could start his day on the tall ship. Thankfully the weather was lovely! Calm and hot so not much chance of their being anyone seasick on the boat.

The photo on the right is the ship that they went on! It is called Artemis.

It was 10am when the passengers got on the ship and it sailed at about 10.15. Frank soon got chatting to the other people who were enjoying the same experience. There were several ladies waving off their husbands and they planned to spend the day shopping. Lizzie and I did a little shopping but had a leasurely lunch and then sat with a glass of cider for a couple of hours and watched the activity in the harbour.

Frank's sister, Carolyn, her husband Peter and Frank's Mum came to Portsmouth to wait for Frank to come back, so that they could talk to him about his day out. He had caught a little bit of sun and had a really relaxing day I think. He said he thoroughtly enjoyed his day! I hope he did!

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