Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Culture Day

Today was culture day at college. It is always an interesting day as we have displays from several countries represented at the college, national dress, traditional food and then a concert of music and entertainment from several different nationalities.

On the left are 3 girls from Eastern Europe - Russia or Ukraine. On the left is a group of Vietnamese students.

The picture on the left shows the Vietnamese student's table. There is information about their country behind them on the wall, a computer showing pictures of their country and there was some lovely pork and sticky rice to eat! On the right is a table from the Indian students.

In the afternoon there was a short concert. This consisted of 5 Vietnamese students singing a traditional song. From left to right they are Yun, Lynn, Christine, Helen and Chloe.

A chinese girl called Cindy sang a solo, another Chinese girl called Stephanie played the piano and a British student, Sunny, representing India played drums.

Sunny and Krishan then entertained us with their version of Signature - they were BRILLIANT! So funny and so entertaining. And they only decided to do this at lunchtime so they had 2 hours to rehearse!

After that we had some groups - Nigerians talking about their national dress and singing the National Anthem, followed by a group of Vietnamese singing their national anthem and finally the malaysian students sang together.

Overall a very entertaining afternoon.


JUD said...

Hi Bren!

Cool! Sorta your own "World Showcase"! Live!



Latharia said...

That sounds like a wonderful time!