Tuesday, 16 December 2008

JYC Day 14

This is my page about opening presents. We always open them on Christmas Day but don't really have any traditions about the way this is done!

The journalling reads:

'I don't remember a tradition about handing out presents when I was young. The presents were given ou and opened as you got them, so sometimes that meant several people were opening them at the same time. It was something that never occurred to me at the time, but we didn't see what each other had received or from whom. We then showed the presents around after we had opened them.

When Katie and Lizzie were little, they took forever to open presents - sometimes the whole of Christmas Day. This meant that we got to watch them actually opening them and playing with them.

Now they are older we distribute presents to one or two people at a time and wait for those to be opened before passing out some more.'


Latharia said...

Love your festive tags with the journaling right on them!

Anonymous said...

I just love blog! and the music!
Shelly has been wanting me to start my own blog and after seeing your I really like how you organized it.
And you are so artistic on those scrappages-I only hope mine will turn out like yours.
I have to do Shelly's birthday album which I will start on next week and hopefully it will be donefor her birthday in Jan. Wish my luck!

Karen (Nana) in OK

SABEE said...

popped by quickly to see how you doing with your Journal...put it this way you blogged further than I did !!! I am still going to finish my Journal... even if I finish it sometime in Feb, that will be okay too... Have a great 2009 !!! xxxx